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Propulsyo - Partner of choice for product launch


Propulsyo has been selected by das apartment to help launch their exquisite lineup of organic cleaning products exclusively on the online platform of the biggest German drugstore chain.

In this constellation, Propulsyo took charge of all aspects of the supply chain preparation, effectively translating and fulfilling the requirements of the operating strategies of the parties involved. This ranged from setting up the supply strategy, managing the project, ensuring compliance, as well as aligning all necessary data.

Both parties have not worked together before and creating efficient interfaces between a boutique supplier and an industry heavyweight was key to making this product launch a success.

Ingrid Kühn, owner of das apartment: “It is great when a solid plan comes together and we are excited to see the presence of our wonderful brand online with the biggest retailer, ready to ship! Propulsyo’s help was essential to organize what would otherwise have been very tedious work. We are very happy with Propulsyo’s approach and the outcome.”

Propulsyo has been established to become the leading Supply Chain Service company for Life Science and Wellbeing SMEs in Europe, enabling them to go to market more effectively through Operational Excellence in Supply Network Operations, Sourcing, and Manufacturing.

For more information, please refer to info@propulsyo.com

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New addition to the team


We are thrilled to share that we have a terrific addition to the team: Tatyana Stepanova is providing leadership as the new Vice President Operations. Tatyana built a wealth of experience and will prove to be a fantastic addition to the team, complementing it well with her skills and personality.

Step by if you would like to make introductions.

Exciting new location


Propulsyo is honoured to be accepted into the new Campus Biotech Innovation Park. This puts us right at the center of the Life Science ecosystem, offering easy access for companies which might need some help with their Supply Chain work.

We will be surrounded by great companies in an energetic environment. Come visit us.

For enquiries please reach out to info@propulsyo.com